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Since 2002, Birfikir Media has been bringing brands to the target audiences
with the sports channels that adds light, aesthetics, knowledge, movement and value to the life of sports.

It has adopted the principle of maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction with its services
covering the entire process including purchasing and marketing of sports channels.

Birfikir Media is an innovative sports agency that can realize the most
effective purchasing process and stand firmly behind all decisions made in this
process and add value to the expectations of its customers.


We add value to the expectations of our
customers with fast, innovative, clear and different solutions.


We have a customer and media oriented
discipline. Customer satisfaction is our first priority.

Our Service


We advertise your brand in the stadiums of our partner teams which are
playing in Sport Toto Super League and Sport Toto 1st League.
We offer solutions to communicate your message to your target audience. Our advertising solutions
for football fields are transmitted to wider audiences through live broadcasting.
This is a unique opportunity for your brand.

Led Board

Animated and illuminated advertising areas located on the edge of the field. Ads in these areas change periodically throughout the match.

Corner Fixed Board

It is a high-visibility-effective advertising area due to the proximity of the cameras in corner kick.

Fixed Board

It is a fixed advertising area on the edge of the football field. Depending on the suitability of the stadium, it is located next to the LED panel and at the back of the LED panel.

Led/Fixed Board Over The Stands

It is an advertising space that has a clear view of the spectators in the stadium, is remarkable and easily accessible to the target audience.

Fixed Board Behind The Goal

The positions in the penalty area are always shown in close-up on the live broadcast. Therefore, it is a high visibility advertising area.

Stadium Exit Fixed Board

It is an effective advertising area within the viewing area of ​​the whole stadium and in the shooting area of ​​the cameras.

Before The Match & Half-time Led Board

It is a type of advertising that playing on the led board before start of the match and at half-time. It attracts great interest from the fans.

Fixed Panel in Front of Protocol

It is an effective advertising area within the shooting area of ​​all stadium viewers and cameras located next to the bench area.

Fan Exit Fixed Board

It is an advertising area that is in view of the whole stadium.

Player Exit Fix Board

It is an important advertising area in the exit area of football players and administrative staff.

Back of Seat Ads Area

Behind the seat ad is an advertising exercise that directly appeals to the audience located behind the audience seat.

Press Room

These are the advertising spaces used in the press room where the technical committee, players and managers gather to give interviews at the end of the match. In addition, promotions and signature ceremonies of the club are held in the press room.

Bench Area

It is an advertising space that has a clear view of the spectators in the stadium, attracts attention with the visualization of the football player and technical committee by the cameras while the match is playing.


Animated LED advertising area that is presented to the audience by voice before the match and at half-time.

Event Area

It is an advertisement that provides product promotion with activities that can provide a pleasant time to the spectators before and after the match.

VIP Lodge

It is an advertisement project which is broadcasted on special television screens for VIP audience in lounges and corridors.

Training Advertising Board

It is an effective advertising area where the training area, which is displayed constantly on the training ground, is open to the press and the training images are taken that are allowed to be watched by the raftars.

Uniform Advertising Work

It is the advertising space on the front side, right arm and back side of the team uniform. You can also place your ad on the right front of the shorts and socks.

Mixed Zone

These are the areas where players give interviews before and after the match. The advertisements appear here during live broadcast shootings. The logos in this area appear effectively.

Scooter/Maskot Advertising

Scooter advertisement; vehicle and product promotion activities, before the match and between the circuit, located on the edge of an advertising work.

Mascot advertisement; It is an advertising activity that takes place at the edge of the field during the vehicle and product promotion activities.

Digipaint/3D Carpet

It is the type of advertising that is perceived by the viewer as having a real height in areas outside the playground.

Our Service


Spor Toto Super League and Spor Toto 1st League teams and their stadiums


Our international teams and their stadiums

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Our Work




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